Don’t Shoot #BlackLivesMatter


Don’t Shoot by Tem Blessed

They taze us, choke us, stomp us with their Boots….Hands Up!

Don’t shoot!
They beat us, they shoot us, stomp us with their Boots …Hands Up!
Don’t Shoot

You afraid of my skin?

Or of what’s within
Cuz beyond this living sunlight this melanin…
Is a millennium of intelligent Gentlemen,
God like the opposite of Zimmerman
Strong like Trayvon Martin we can fight
We’ll stand our ground till its alright
But this long night never seems to end
Although we speak to make you understand we bend
We compromise but what about our Black lives?
Did Michael Brown really need to die?
Over some cigaritoes?…..
Where are the super Heros?
(Over some looses???….
Where are the Bruce Lee’s???)
When I was younger I thought my Heros were the cops
until I got stopped and then I got dropped
So then my Heros became the
Black Panthers
Lack of Justice turns to Black anger
The system will strangle Ya “I can’t breath”
Oh say can you see Eric Garner couldn’t  breathe
We all saw the video tape there’s no debate
Broken system of Hate wants me to Wait
Sorry Charlie! But my passions is long gone
Plus I’m way too black and way too strong
We got white allies By our side
Take out police brutality like Apartheid
In this long walk we march with Mandela
Dr. King In Selma though the Mississippi Delta
We march with Malcolm X and Harriet Tubman
We march with Rosa Parks I see freedom Comin
March with Fredrick Douglas, Garvey and Carney
With my ancestors behind me they can’t harm me
Not the national guard nor the army
March Nonviolently
Cloaked by the words of Ghandi
Break these chains of Racism  Emancipated I’m the Master…
Cuz black lives matter

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  • michael August 12, 2016

    we need more and more of this to bring us into consciousness of what still is going on with the system “in this long walk”, what still enslaves us whites without our being aware because we dont have to. Sorry its happening still. I dont want it any more.


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