The Band


Tem Blessed is one of the few hip hop artists who uses a full band along with his rhymes. His music is more than just inspiring rhymes and blastin’ beats, there is also a one-of-a-kind harmony. When most people think of hip hop, they do not expect a full band to come at them. Tem believes in making hip-hop full of energy and that comes across as ‘Blest Energy’ has his back at most performances.

The Blest Energy vibe includes drums, bass, guitar, keys and saxophone. There are also other talented vocalists who join Tem in his music with a message.

Lead vocalist Cita- Light is an amazing Femcee that can make audiences jump to their feet with her amazing lyrics.

Nadia is another talented vocalist who adds a soulful voice to the Blest Energy sound.

Calvin Grace serves as the drummer, introducing some head-bobbing beats and amazing fills. Grace rounds out the core of the band, all of whom hail from the Massachusetts area, including Boston and Berklee.

Tem and his band are no rookies to the hip-hop scene. Tem has enjoyed his share of success throughout the last decade. He carries the vibe of an old soul, but he is still connected to the youth. His music impacts a multigenerational audience. His albums and CDs have passed through the hands of many people around the world as Tem prides himself on generating a universal appeal. Blest Energy is another example of how a diverse approach to hip-hop can make for a unique sound.

While Blest Energy provides quality music, Tem still thrives on producing top-notch hip hop. His ability to vocalize is something that came early in his life while growing up in New Bedford. As the years passed, Tem adapted his homegrown message of sustainability into his music. Blest Energy continues to serve up background funk through which Tem brings across his important message.


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