The Movement

The music and message of Tem Blessed speaks to the sustainability of the climate. Tem is an advocate for a green tomorrow. He sees more green in the world than just money. Tem is working with many other artists and organizations to stop climate change. The long-term goal is to create a more sustainable, equitable future for everyone in the world. There’s no street, hood or people that won’t benefit from a green tomorrow.

This movement has become close to Tem’s heart and he explains why it has become so important.

“It’s important because we have come to a time when we really have to make some drastic changes in our world if we are going to survive. That’s the bottom line. So we all have to sacrifice a little bit and change our ways for the greater good of humanity.” – Tem Blessed

 Tem’s knowledge of the movement is off the charts and has led him to become involved with numerous organizations, which aid to the greater good of society. Tem Blessed continues to work with the following organizations:

This is an international effort to build a global movement in which leaders are held accountable for what is happening in terms of the climate. There are many different projects and campaigns fueled by and Tem Blessed continues to do his part in helping the cause.

Green For All

The aim of ‘Green For All’ is to strengthen a green economy that can help people free themselves from poverty. This movement was made famous thanks in part to Van Jones, who went on to work for the president and is now a correspondent for CNN. Tem Blessed continues to serve as a fellow for ‘Green For All,’ helping to expand and strengthen its message.

The life and times that Tem has lived helped him develop another talent that inspires and educates. Tem has started serving as a keynote speaker for various youth conferences, seminars and campaigns.

A graduate of UMass-Amherst, Tem has been sharpening his public speaking skills since his college days. His success as a hip-hop artist has allowed him to take his brand one step farther. Tem has felt the love, receiving rave reviews for all of his keynote addresses. Tem has not wasted any time building his status as a powerful public speaker.

Tem is available for musical performances, but can also be hired for various speaking engagements. Tem has hosted events and shown himself to be an excellent facilitator, keeping crowds involved, educated and entertained.

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