Upcoming Tour Dates 2017


April 13, 2017

Earth Eve – Earthday Parade 

Market St. Behind Free Public Library

New Bedford, MA

5 pm


April 17, 2017

Rally to Stop the War and Cut the Military Budget,  “pat-RIOT’s day rally Performance

Meet up – 11am at the Bridge St. School
March together to the rally site at Pulaski Park (still under construction) or Town Hall,

Northampton, MA

12 pm


April 29, 2017

Peoples Climate March – Performance

“Sister March and Rally”

Springfield, MA

3 pm


May 5, 2017

Second Annual Black Scholars Rising Celebration

Amherst Regional Middle School

170 Chestnut St. Amherst, MA

6:30 pm


May 6, 2017

The ALANA Graduation

Admission’s Field (rain location is Woodland Commons)

UMass Dartmouth, MA



May 13, 2017

Music For Changing Times

The Rubicon Theater

Ventura, CA

7 pm


June 26, 2017

West Virginia Student Climate and Conservation Congress

Shepherdstown, WV

8:30 pm


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