New Single “You Ain’t Gone Die Today”


“You A’int Gone Die Today” by Tem Blessed
Dropping April 22, 2014. 
Feat. Emanuela Nadia. Produced by Jay Beats.
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Upcoming Show Dates- Tem Blessed and Blest Energy


4.9.2014. Stoughton, MA. Region Awesome  Celebration. 8 pm w/ Blest Energy

4.10.2014. S.Easton Tech, MA.Environmental Week. 2pm w/ Blest Energy

4.10.2014 New Bedford MA. AHA! Earth Eve Parade. 5pm . Emcee

4.11.2014. New Bedford, MA Charter School Cultural Bizarre. 7pm. Tem Blessed

4.12.2014 New Bedford, MA Rose Alley. 10pm. w/ Blest Energy

4.26.2014 Boston, MA Jobs not Jails Rally. 2pm w/ Cita-Light and Nadia

4.27.2014 New Haven, CT TasteMakers. 6pm w/ Cita-Light

5.1.2014 Amherst, MA UMass.7pm w/ Blest Energy


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Go Hard April 2014

The intention is enlightenment. The movement is loVe. For the Earth, for my children, my fiance, for the music.

This month I plan on Going Hard for what matters in my life…all life. I will document and post actions towards this intention. Follow…lead…join Go Hard!

#gohardapril #blestenergy #temblessed #mindbodyspirit #onelovetribe #focus #nowisthetime

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New song “Just Begun” (for my sons) by Tem Blessed produced by SoNick

New Song dedicated to all male youth and Tem Blessed’s 3 sons. Amazing production by SoNick adds the perfect beat to Tem Blessed’s lyrics. Each verse speaks to the fatherly wishes and potential of every child. Fresh and relevant “Just Begun” is a must listen for anyone who loves music and real lyrics.

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Tem Blessed-Upcoming-Tour Dates


Saturday – October 19, 2013 – Spoken Word / Performance PowerShift 2013 - Philadelphia PA- 


Monday – October 21, 2013 - Spoken Word Performance / Lecture - Bridgwater State University- Bridgewater MA- 


Friday – October 25, 2013 – Performance W/ Blest Energy (Cita-Light, Chrome, Calvin, Matt Antunes, Manny, Rico and Nadia) - Connecting For Change Conference- Downtown New Bedford MA- 


Saturday – November 9, 2013 – Lecture / Spoken Word Performance- Environmental Justice Forum- Providence RI-

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This Road-Tem Blessed ft. Nadia

New video about following your dreams. Having to take to the road and go outside your comfort zone. Nothing can stop you if you are aware, focused, willing to work hard and not willing to give up. Featuring Nadia. Produced by Jay Beats.
Follow Tem Blessed,


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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom and yours.
Here’s a link to a song I wrote for Mama.
LoVe you Ma!

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Happy Earth Day! Tem Blessed speaking tonight

Happy Earth Day! Tem Blessed speaking tonight

Tem Blessed will be speaking tonight as a guest-panelist for a forum on Eco-Justice Education, which will be held April 22, 2013, 5:00-8:00PM at Third Eye Unlimited, 28 Union St. New Bedford, MA.

He will be speaking on climate change and how he has used Hip-Hop to help raise awareness and inspire action through music. The purpose of this event is to engage the community in an effort to cross cultural borders, “moving outside one’s comfort zone”.

Conversations from these forums are the beginning to an ongoing dialogue of educational matters in hopes of developing solutions among those affected by today’s education system.

This event is free and open to the public.
For more info please contact: Joel A. Singer (774)-678-5084

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Climate Crisis Interview in NY, Blue Mountains

Peace My Peoples,
Check out this recent interview I did in Blue Mountains, NY.
ONE loVe
Tem Blessed

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(Don't Shoot the Sun

(Don’t Shoot the Sun

(Don’t) Shoot the Sun

(Don’t) Shoot the Sun-  MegaVerse. Lyrics

by Blessed Blizi.

Wisdom of the ages/ written on pages 
Cases/ of spiritual power that Amazes
 Stages/ Evolutionary Innovations
 Patience/ Sit and contemplate altercations
 Hate’n the fact that I react on emotion
 Hope’n that I can meditate and get open
 Awoken/ and then I can set it straight 
Then Devote’n my potion elixirs 
Societies gettin sicker Rash on these Hitlers 
My Brotha and my Sistah’s/ We gotta take it higher 
Consciousness of the Messiah
 Action of the Fire/ Water drip Perspire 
Blood sweat and tears I’ve been doin this for years 
Tryn to get up in them Ears Drop the challenge for my pears 
Still I’m so underrated Even though I demonstrated
 That I already made it /Been loved been hated/ 
This my 3rd time around/In loVe with the sound/ 
Music in my soul!/ I’m ever get’n old
/ I’m only getting younger/Keep on droppin like thunder/ 
I walk with the hunger/Talk with the Thumper//
 Heart Beat like Da/Da!-Da/Da!/ Heat like summer/
 Write without a beat/ Impossible?? (Nope) I conquer I came I saw I turned into a monster/ They framed/ I fought/  Not guilty your honor

Now who wanna go against the Universe/ U-N- I verse I write the tight verse/ Who wants to shoot the sun and get cursed/ Liquid quench thirst/ Ignight the night nurse/ High frequency/360 degrees/ Born Temistocles/ Call me Blessed Blizi / High frequency/360 degrees/ Born Temistocles/ Call me Blessed Blizi

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